Get Quality Referrals and Close More Sales

increase your sales with referrals and sales tips
You are invited to sign up to be one of 99 charter members of a Referral and Sales Generator E-mail course that will be customized to your needs.  

You are investing $14.95 for four weeks of information. At the end of four weeks you will know whether this course is helping you. 

The first portion of the course uses the books in an Amazon Store to get referrals–immediately and on a continuing basis.

Here is why: Every time someone reads a book that you’ve given them, they think kindly of you.  That’s particularly true when they are reading a book that you've given them with their children. You do not need to spend any money aside from the weekly subscription fees. You may choose to buy some books or e-books.

All referrals will come from your current prospects and customers. Your prospects, clients or customers will call or e-mail you directly, or give you the referrals when you contact them.  

In addition to the $.99 a day subscription fee, it will be necessary for you, or someone in your organization, to invest about two hours per week in secretarial time and about two hours a week get referrals from your clients and prospectscalling, e-mailing, or dropping by to see your prospects or clients. Generating referrals requires personal contact.

The course sends you an e-mail once or twice a week. Each e-mail provides easy-to-implement instructions that you will be able to immediately discern will result in referrals or increased sales.

When you receive the first lesson you will be invited to provide feedback. Someone who will tailor the course to your needs. (A personal email and phone number will be provided.) 

Here is the proposed content of the first 15 lessons. You may also suggest topics that you would like to have included.
  1. Obtaining the first set of referrals from people who have young children or grandchildren;
  2. Obtaining the first set of referrals from people who want to foster their ideas or their careers, whether or not they have children or grandchildren;
  3. Identifying the key words and phrases that most empower your sales presentations;
  4. Following up with people who have young children or grandchildren to obtain additional referrals;
  5. Following up with everyone else to obtain additional referrals;
  6. How to make about 15% more cold call phone presentations, and have each presentation be more effective.
  7. How to create a wizard that your prospects can use to pre-qualify themselves.  (Similar to a Turbo-tax interview process.)
  8. Cloud based software that will help you to automate your sales funnel.
  9. Getting through to prospects who are hard to reach
  10. Building an effective cold calling presentation
  11. Using motivational sales poetry to propel your sales force to higher levels of productivity
  12. Understanding when a prospect is under time pressure, and using this to your advantage when you are selling.
  13. How to write an effective telemarketing presentation that you can privately share with your sales force using Google sites.
  14. Obtaining referrals from prospects who did not buy.
  15. Getting sales leads from non-profit organizations by helping them to fund raise.

If you do your homework, your prospects, clients and customers will contact you with referrals within 14 days of signing up for this course. 

word of mouth advertising is a powerful motivator
Over the course of a year you will most likely have generated 100 to 200 high-quality referrals, and you will be able to forecast this number by the end of week eight.

The Amazon store below shows some of the books that will be used during the first portion of the course.  You may be wondering about my qualifications. This link takes you to the sales and marketing modules that I have introduced on  Over the course of the next two years many additional modules will be added.

Click the button and you will be delighted with the results.

Very truly yours,
A. Herbert Jordan